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Veterinary Science is a branch of science that concerns with diagnosis, treatment and curing of diseases in birds and animals. The subject involves the study of animal physiology and various treatment and prevention schemes undertaken to block diseases among animals. The basic principles of veterinary science and animal husbandry are similar as human medical sciences. Students while studying Veterinary Science not only take care of animal health but also facilitate scientific breeding and handling of livestock. Vets give treatment to the animals for their healthy living. Major part of their work also involves performing surgery in cases where internal parts of animals and birds are injured. This could be due to diseases or victim of hunt. Vets prevent further spreading of diseases in the animal’s body by administering necessary vaccination and medicines. They give advice to pet owners on how to take good care and provide good nourishment to their pets and farm animals. Another section of this course is to improve animal breed by using techniques like ‘selection breeding’ and artificial insemination. The course study thoroughly does animal research in order to combat and fight diseases transmitted through animals. In this way, the general public is saved from exposure to diseases mobilized by animals, wildlife, poultry and livestock.

The Faculty of Veterinary (FOV) offering the following mentioned below programmes:


Eligibility Criteria

Students must have passed Senior Secondary with Science Bio & Agriculture Subject OR as per Coordinator AHDP, RAJUVAS Bikaner


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  • AHDP Lab-I
  • AHDP Lab-II

Admission Process

  • Category A: 85% Seats are to be filled though AHDP Counselling conducted by RAJUVAS Bikaner.
  • Category B :15% Seats to be filed at College level application (Management quota)

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