Strengths of SGI

  • DIRECT LINKAGE WITH INDUSTRY for acquiring practical skills of management.
  • DIVERSE STUDENT BODY developed through a highly competitive admission process.
  • HIGHLY QUALIFIED FULL TIME FACULTY for teaching the students.
  • SUCCESSFUL MANAGERS AND BUSINESS LEADERS as part-time/visiting faculty.
  • FLEXIBLE CURRICULUM well recognized for its breadth and depth.
  • CAREER PLANNING AND ASSIATANCE TO PLACEMENT– leading to challenging management positions.
  • DISTINGUISED ALUMNI recognized for their performance in the industry.
  • LEADING INDIAN COMPANIES participate in our campus recruitment.
  • OPD/IPD for real hand practices.

Class/Lecture/Tutorial Rooms

All classrooms at SGI, are well decorated and equipped with the state of the art Instruments such as OHPs and LCD projectors. Most of the classrooms have the capacity of 80 students.

Computer Learning Center

All the Institutes of SGI have state-of-the-art computer facilities for browsing information and sharing of knowledge and information. Thus, enabling the students to access the high speed internet facility. The computer centers are equipped with modern PCs having latest configuration, a variety of peripherals such as high speed network, laser and inkjet printing facility and DVD writers. Besides, it has sophisticated web-based integrated system facilitating continuous interaction between the faculty and students, in formulating academic assignments.

Advanced Laboratories

At SGI, there are separate & advanced laboratories for all the streams & subjects such as Engineering, Polytechnic, ITI, Agriculture, Veterinary, Pharmacy, Science, Arts, Paramedical, Education, Naturopathy, Yogic Sciences and Nursing (Ayurveda) etc. with sophisticated instruments. All the laboratories are well-equipped with ultra-modern instruments and experiment facilities.

Language Lab

The college has a state of the art Communication Lab which is equipped with modern aids like LCD, OHP & many other educational tools. It is an ideal place for group discussions, presentation, seminars & meetings.

Conference & Seminar Hall

Conference rooms are available to keep the students abreast with the corporate culture and latest technological developments. Discussions, public meetings & personality development activities are conducted in conference rooms. Seminar hall has the perfect ambience to conduct presentations, seminars & symposia. The hall is equipped with LED Projector, Multimedia, OHP, CTV, CCTV & DVD


In the context of a higher education Institutions, a library is considered to be a vital sub-unit as a learning resource. In today’s high-tech learning environment, the library as a learning resource is taking up increasingly more academic space and time in the life of a learner. There are five well stocked libraries with number of books, national & international journals. The college has an integrated plan of inter linking of the library with other libraries in India and abroad. Well equipped digital library keep the students to remain in touch with latest books and journals. All the libraries are having subscription of more than 15 Daily newspapers in English & Hindi, 65 Monthly subscriptions of International/National Journals & magazines and has a massive collection of 92000 reference & text books. It also has one of the latest facilities, DELNET, through which students can have access of more than 02 million records.

Hospital & Practice Center

Hospital & Practice Center at SGI, with Regular OPD/IPD will offer an opportunity to future doctors and compounders for real hand practices in the presence of departmental doctors. This acts as REAL time practices. Free treatment is given to poor and needy. The Hospital & Practice Center has a well-managed casualty unit and a store with medicines of all potencies from standardized and approved. Patients suffering from different diseases are admitted for treatment as well as for clinical training to the students. The out-patient and in-patient departments of the Hospital provide medical care to all patients. Hospital has the facilities for various investigations like Clinical Pathology & Biochemistry, Radiology and ECG. All essential investigations are available.

Yoga & Meditation Center

Shekhawati Group of Institutions lays emphasis on participation Yoga and meditation. Practicing yoga is known to improve flexibility, balance, endurance and physical strength. While meditation helps to keep the mind sharp and clear, relieves stress and improves overall well-being.

SIP Cell

Shekhawati Group of Institutions lay emphasis on participation learning, combining lectures, case studies, group projects, games and outdoor sessions for overall development of the students. All new students go through a week-long orientation programme , which includes indoor as well as outdoor sessions to help them settle down, get to know each other and form strong working teams.

                       The students of SGI are raring to go and showcase their talent on the grand event of ‘Energize’, the annual day celebrations, which is an amalgam of various cultural programmes . This annual event draws participants from various colleges and renowned dignitaries from various spheres of life to witness the rising benchmark of cultural fests at SGI.