Programs Overview

Paramedics can be defined as a practice in the field of medical science that deals with pre-hospital emergency services. A person working in this field is referred to as a paramedic. They work as an emergency medical care provider, who provides primary medical and trauma care. To become a successful paramedic, a person should have the ability to work in rotational shifts and should have presence of mind to take the right decision during an emergency. The major areas of work in the field of paramedical sciences spinal injury management, fracture management, obstetrics, management of burns and assessment, and evaluation of general incident scene.

The Faculty of Paramedical (FOP) offering the following mentioned below programmes:

  • Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology (DMLT)

DMLT stands for Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology is typically 2-year diploma-level course that provides students with the skills and knowledge required to become a medical laboratory technician.
Students who have completed their 10+2 education in the science stream a re eligible to apply for the course.
During the course, students are trained to collect, process, and analyze various types of specimens such as blood, urine, and tissue
After completing the DMLT course, students can work as medical laboratory technicians in hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers, and research laboratories. They can also pursue higher studies in medical laboratory technology or related fields.

    • Diploma in Radiation Technology(DRT)

Jobs for Diploma in Radiography are available to students at ease. A student can easily map their Diploma in Radiography Course as per his or her future aspirations. Radiographer jobs are the primary job roles for graduates of the Diploma in Radiography course.
The Diploma in Radiography scope of work for a graduate is comprehensive and varies over a large number of working areas and sectors. Listed below are some of the popular jobs after the Diploma in Radiography that are undertaken by graduates: DRT Diploma in Radiation Technology Eligibility Criteria 10+2 Pass (Bio/Math)
X-ray Technician
Diagnostic Radiographer
Radiation Therapy Technologist
Radiation Therapy Educator
Radiation Therapy Supervisor
Therapy Radiographer, etc.

      • Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology (DOTT)

    A Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology in India has excellent prospects both in India and internationally. The availability of Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology job opportunities in India is determined by specialization and demand.

    There is ample career opportunities for candidates with specialization in imaging technology in all types of Hospitals and Health Care Centers, which are going to enhance in time to come due to the advances in technology and attitude of the society toward a good and healthy life.

    Operation Theatre Technician

    Anaesthesia Technician

    Lab Technician

    Lab Assistant

    Medical Assistant

    Unit Supervisor

    Equipment Operator

    Skill Trainer

        • Diploma in Ophthalmic Technology(DOT)

      The future scope of a Diploma in Ophthalmic Technology is bright. As the requirements of the healthcare industry are changing, the need for skilled ophthalmic medical technicians will also increase. There are also various career options available for individuals with this diploma. In the field of ophthalmic science, there is a huge demand for skilled professionals. There are several positions for graduates in ophthalmology, including research and clinical work. They can also join clinics and hospitals and work with patients. The training period usually lasts six months to one year. The Diploma in Ophthalmic Technology (DOT) is an undergraduate course that prepares graduates for a career as ophthalmic technicians. The program will give them the knowledge and skills needed to assist qualified ophthalmic professionals with various ophthalmic procedures.

    • Diploma in Ophthalmic Technology is an Ophthalmologist Medical Course . Ophthalmology is a training that focuses on eye care. In this course the student works with ophthalmologist (eye doctor) to provide care to the patients. They perform many different eye-related clinical functions. Ophthalmic technology helps in  vision defects, eye examination, corrective surgery, ocular diseases, optics and many more. The post of Ophthalmologist (Eye Doctor, as Laymen call it) is the most available job in this field. In this course professionals are trained to work and assist under Ophthalmologists.

    • Diploma in ECG Technology(DECG)
    • Diploma in ECG Technology is a 2 year course, this unique program provides students with a background in medical areas such as anatomy, physiology and a concentration in Electrocardiography. An ECG  technician i s al so called as cardio graphic technician, and uses electrocardiogram machines to run diagnostic tests to measure a patient’s heart rate, monitor cardiac rhythm and help physicians find irregularities in the heart and blood vessels.the demand for ECG technician remains high, one of the reasons is that most people consider this course to be inferior to other paramedical courses. However, they are wrong, the job vacancies for ECG technicians are high. Private and public sector both recruits ECG technicians and the demand is predicted to go further up. Both private and public sectors have ECG technician.

Eligibility Criteria

Student must have passed 10+2 examination in PCB/PCM Stream OR as per latest regulation from RPMC.


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      • Well Established Computer Lab with latest online software
      • Well Equipped Language Lab
      • Laboratories for practice (real hand)

Admission Process


Through Rajasthan Paramedical Counseling (RPMC) is one of the state level admission procedure to take admission in DMLT. The admissions will be offered on the basis of % Secured at 10+2 level.

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